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What To Expect


  • Gospel Centered Church

  • Like-Minded Peers

  • Personal Mentorship

  • Adopt-A-Family

  • Invested Directors

"It's so family oriented it's honestly one of the best parts of the program. You get so close with the fellows and you get personal time with the teachers...you feel like you are talking with family members."

-Kaylee (2020-2021)

Professional Development

  • Relevant Work Experience (paid)

  • Business Speaker Lunches (weekly)

  • Professional Development Summit

  • Vocational Discernment Retreat

  • Vocation & Leadership Readings

"I felt like I was put in an overwhelmingly supportive environment that allowed me to grow learn and build confidence in my abilities while minimizing fear of failure and poor performance."

-Bianca (2018-2019)


Spiritual Development

  • Theological Classes

  • Inductive Bible Study

  • Serving Youth or Children​

  • Spiritual Discipline Formation

  • Cross-Cultural Missions trip

"While I had been involved in a ministry (in college) I was not in the Word and I felt like my soul had atrophied. The Fellows program has injected God's Word back into my life."

-Sam (2019-2020)


Program Outcomes

Fellows who successfully complete the program should expect to display noticeable growth and maturity in several aspects of their lives. Here are some things you should expect to take with you at the conclusion of the program.

  • Disciplines: Fellows will form habits in their time alone with God, being a life-long learner, pursuing marketplace excellence, and investing in the body of Christ. 

  • Capacity: Fellows embrace responsibilities that stretch their abilities to stewards their gifts more faithfully. Learn to balance work with productive life-giving activities. 

  • Relationships: Fellows spend time with like-minded peers, mentors, families, and leaders in the community. Many of these relationships continue after the program's completion. 

  • Multiplication: Fellows are exposed to valuable resources to help sustain lifelong spiritual and professional growth. Our vision is to prepare Fellows in a way that they can mentor future generations. 

  • Confidence: Fellows gain relevant career experience, discover their gifts, and capture a vision for kingdom impact. Joyfully enter your next phase of life knowing you are equipped to do so, whatever may come.

Weekly Schedule

8:30am - 5:30pm


6:30 - 8pm


8:30am - 2:30pm


(Monthly) 4:45 - 7pm

  Professional Development


All Day

  Mentor Meetings





8:30am - 5:30pm


5:30 - 8pm

  Adopt-a-Fellow Family Meal

8:30am - 5:30pm


5:30 - 8pm

  Family Dinner


9am - 2pm

  Theology Classes

12pm - 2pm

  Vocational Speaker


9:15am - 12pm

  Worship - Friendly Hills Church, PCA

5:30 - 7:30pm



Apartment Life

During their stay the Fellows live in a fully furnished luxury apartments in a convenient location in the Piedmont Triad. They are within walking distance of shops, restaurants, entertainments, and boast great amenities. Check out the Palladium Apartments so see where the Fellows are staying.

Palladium Apartments
Palladium Fellows Apartment
Palladium Outdoor Grills
Palladium Kitchen
Palladium Gym
Palladium Pool
Palladium Sand Volleyball
Palladium Tennis Courts
Palladium Theatre
See What the Fellows Are Up To
Program Highlights