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Program Application & Cost

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Early Admissions


November 15th 

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Standard Admission


March 15th

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Rolling Admission


After March 15th

Application Tips

Apply Early

We will fill program spots with the earliest round of candidates if they are good fits for the program. If you are wanting to make sure you are able to participate then you will want to be in that first group of applicants.

Be deliberate

We base all our admissions on what information we are given by references and applicants. Therefore take your time to accurately and diligently fill out all information to the best of your knowledge.

Ask questions

We want all candidates to be well informed before they apply to the program. Take the time to pray and ask questions. Even ask family members and friends to take a look at the program to see if it is a good fit for you.

What We Look For

We look at building a cohort filled with people who are able and willing to live in community. We are searching for candidates who will utilize the tools provided by the program for starting strong careers. In light of this we want to make sure that each candidate is a good fit for the program but also that the program is a good fit for each candidate. 

You will be spending 10 months closely with your cohort. Therefore, we are processing through how the candidates will interact and help each other develop throughout the program.


Character Traits

Piedmont Fellows come from a variety of backgrounds, degrees, and skill sets, but we desire to see characteristics:

  • teachable - a desire or apt for learning and growing

  • perseverance - the ability to continue when situations or tasks are difficult

  • strong work ethic - this one is viewed through past academic performance and club participation

Basic Requirements

  • between the ages of 20-28

  • bachelor's degree from an accredited college

  • ability to relocate to North Carolina

  • legal ability to work in the United States (OPT accepted)

Does this sound like you?

Program Cost


The cost of the program is $4,400 for the 10 month duration of the program. This cost includes your apartment cost, 1/3 of your meals, all trip costs, books, class fees, weekly networking opportunities, socials, and leadership assessments. During your internship you will be earning approximately $900 after taxes each month to be used at your discretion.


Once you have accepted your place in the program you will have 1 month to submit a non-refundable deposit of $500. This secures your place in the program, if you fail to pay the deposit in the allotted time, your spot can be given to another candidate.

Payment Options

Half of the remaining amount is due on move-in-day of $1950 would be submitted by the time you move in and the other half, $1950, would be due in January of your fellows year. If someone is contributing to your tuition they can use this as a tax deductible opportunity.


You can submit these payments via cash, check, or online.