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Future Business Leaders

Fifth Cohort


Leah loves learning new skills and the challenges new opportunities create. Her fascination with chemistry and the lab setting has provided her with valuable experience in the field. Leah has served as a Teaching Assistant and graded lab reports in Organic Chemistry and has had the opportunity to participate in an Italian excavational project, using her chemistry background aid in the preservation component of the assignment.


On campus, Leah has been involved in the handbell choir, freshman mentoring program, and the college orchestra, where she was second violin section leader as a senior, and the treasurer for Women of Faith. Leah loves using her musical talents to perform in nursing homes, churches, and community orchestras; and has recently self-taught herself to play the piano.


In her career, Leah aspires to work with patient samples to improve quality of life and wellbeing and to obtain a Medical Laboratory Technician Certification to work nationwide. As a Fellow, Leah desires to work in a lab setting and to strengthen her leadership skills in the medical field.

Leah Rush

Alma Mater: Grove City College

Degree: Biochemistry; Minor in Nutrition


Naomi displays a consistent discipline to acquire new skills that will help her serve those around her. This passion lies in her desire to help others experience the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle as a doctor of clinical nutrition. Naomi loves the  

technical side of the biochemistry world, thriving as a student and as a Lab Teaching Assistant / Tutor, gaining valuable skills in research, data analytics, and communication.


Beyond academics, Naomi is a skilled musician, with over fifteen years of violin and twelve years of piano experience and also teaches individual lessons. On campus, she has served as a freshman mentor, been involved in a service-project focused honorarium, and a discipleship group, giving her valuable  

relational and leadership experience.


Additionally, Naomi’s personal goal is to become fluent in both ASL and Spanish to enable her to work with a greater range of patients in the future. As a Fellow, Naomi desires to work in the medical field and to gain experience working alongside patients.

Naomi Yang

Alma Mater: Grove City College

Degree: Biochemistry; Minor in Nutrition and Sociology


Joston has a vibrant passion for web development. During his time at Messiah, he has sought out valuable experiences in the field that have come with considerable recognition by others. Joston has led a team of five web developers for projects as 
an intern, created a website that was delivered to a client in a class project, and placed first with his team in the Messiah College's Impact Venture Challenge (IVC). The IVC is a business idea competition where Joston’s team proposed the creation 
of a web application geared to help small businesses increase their reach and retention with customers.


Off the web, Joston plays the guitar, knows three languages (English, Chinese, and Malay), enjoys learning new recipes, and has been a professional badminton player. Joston has entrepreneurial career ambitions, desiring to develop creative websites that are user: engaging, friendly, and oriented and to create specialized tech companies.


As a Fellow, Joston hopes to expand his personal reading, develop his public speaking skills, and grow professionally as a great coworker.

Joston Chan

Alma Mater: Messiah University

Degree: Web Development and Business Administration


Ben brings together the worlds of meticulous detailed work and a love for the creative. Growing up on his family’s dairy farm, Ben learned the value of work at an early age and has acquired skills in construction and foundation repair. As a student, Ben was  

a four-year member of the Wolverine Marching Band (including one year as a section leader), played in the Wind Ensemble and Concert band for three years, and served as the Treasurer for the Order of Saint George, where he once stayed up 38 hours to raise money for the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh.


Additionally, Ben has taught himself conversational Japanese, with a goal to learn a new language every three to five years and to write and publish novels in multiple languages. Ben has also started his own video advertising business as both a creative and entrepreneurial outlet.


As a Fellow, Ben desires to learn and apply the hard skills needed to run a business.

Ben Gillette

Alma Mater: Grove City College

Degree: Entrepreneurship; Minor in Accounting; Statistics Concentration


Bella McHenry

Alma Mater: Messiah University


Ellie Barker

Alma Mater: Appalachian State


Kaylee Leib

Alma Mater: Messiah University


Mandy Reiffer

Alma Mater: UNC Greensboro


Stephanie Noll

Alma Mater: University of Virginia


Andrew Pierini

Alma Mater: Covenant College


2020-2021 Alumni
Fourth Cohort


2019-2020 Alumni
Third Cohort


Amanda Martin

Alma Mater: Multnomah University


Hana Truong

Alma Mater: Messiah University


Rachel Kurak

Alma Mater: Grove City College


Mitchell Bonner

Alma Mater: Grove City College


Sam Burgess

Alma Mater: University of Tennessee


2018-2019 Alumni

Second Cohort


Amanda Nielson

Alma Mater: Covenant College


Bianca Rumbaugh

Alma Mater: Christopher Newport College


Haley Green

Alma Mater: Guilford College


Mark Emerick

Alma Mater: Christopher Newport College


2017-2018 Alumni

First Cohort


Leena Neal

Alma Mater: Virginia Tech


Sarah Mims

Alma Mater: Christopher Newport College


Dustin Deal

Alma Mater: Catawba College


Joshua Simmons

Alma Mater: Virginia Wesleyan


Nick Purdy

Alma Mater: UNC Greensboro


Sam Collins

Alma Mater: Appalachian State

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