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Catch That Imposter - October Blues

Updated: Oct 14

We are solidly into the month of October, for those of you who have been a Fellow you know what that means, OCTOBER BLUES. Not only is October National Depression Awareness month but we also see there are possible changes in moods across all people groups. Our Fellows are not immune to this.

This is when a lot of big life changes start to settle in. Changes such as being finished with college, new community, starting a career that doesn’t have fall, spring, or summer breaks (like college), experiencing work situations that can cause Imposter Syndrome and so many other things. This is part of the reason we value community because it is helpful to have people around you as you are processing things.

October blues can operate much like depression does and could even turn into a situational depression (Situational vs. chronic depression) where you are wanting to remove yourself from social situations and stop doing the things you love. So what do you do as someone who is dealing with these struggles? Well, there are few places to start.

1. Establish a balanced diet in your eating habits.

2. Add regular exercise to your routine.

3. Work towards regulating sleeping habits.

4. Taking up a hobby.

5. Creating solid structure in your schedule; looking at your week in advance so you know what is coming up.

6. Most importantly is leaning on the people around you. Making sure to talk with your family and friends to process through the struggles you are facing and what you are thinking.

Adding fun into our schedules can be hard when we are wanting to do well at work or the tasks we are responsible for. However, we want to pursue a balanced life of work, fun, family, fellowship, and responsibilities. Making sure to have fun and enjoy the people around you is also crucial to your mental health especially in times when you are dealing with tough life situations.

*If you are a loved one, friend, mentor, etc. to a Fellow it’s helpful to take extra time this month reaching out to your Fellow to check in on them. Seeing how they are processing the changes in their life.

Lastly, Fellow are not the only ones who experience harder than normal times. Getting connected into your church and finding a place where you can be depended on and where you can depend on people represents the church body Christ established. Paul talks many times about how he was uplifted by those who reached out to him while he was in trying times. We need to hear the gospel regularly and to be reminded of the value, dignity, and purpose of our work. Upon the rock of Christ, we find when the waves of life (October) come at us we have not been washed away.

Who is someone you trust to share hard times with?

-Amanda Martin (Assistant Director)

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