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Cohort #5 Feeling Alive with 2021-2022 Fellows!

Updated: Aug 31

There are markers throughout the year that people look will look forward to. For many people, it's Christmas; for baseball fans, it's Opening Day; for others, it's a homecoming, reunion, or vacation.

Here at the Piedmont Fellow's, one of those markers is the arrival of the Fellows. It is meeting one another for the first time.

Certainly, there are awkward moments - as you meet strangers that will be some of your closest friends over the next 10 months. But for us, we see a beautiful mosaic finally assembled. It's all the praying, planning, and work that has gone into getting to know and prepare each new Fellow as they've taken a unique journey to join us. It's Fellows bonding with one another and seeing the fruit of this work continue to grow. It is knowing that these Fellows have chosen to join not only the program but our community. They have made this choice to seek growth in the Lord. They are pursuing intentionally to honor him through not just their lives but also how they work.

Here's to the 5th Cohort - Piedmont Fellows Class of 2022!

- Mike Gatton (Director)

For more information about our program or to apply click here!

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