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Degrees are Great but Internships Make the Difference

Emily Fouche has been connected to the Fellows program through a variety of ways. One way being how she has shared wisdom and knowledge about starting successfully as a young professional. Emily also has a few things to say about how to set yourself up for success before you get out of college.

"Earning a college degree is an accomplishment to be proud of. For most, this signals the start of true adulthood and an enjoyable career. Unfortunately, in today’s job market often a college degree alone is not enough. The competition for entry level positions, masters level classes, and competitive post graduate programs seems to get tougher and tougher every year.

Enter the College Internship… an integral tool in setting yourself apart from your peers and translating your classroom experience into real world application.

Why is having an internship during college so important?

  • Growing your knowledge and testing the waters to determine if you are in the right career field

  • Expanding your network and connections in the professional world, people with connections in the field they are interested in are significantly more likely to land a job in that industry

  • An understanding of the competitive pressures in the industry and the standard at which you will be expected to perform

  • The numbers! Completing a college internship increases job offers by 16%. Students who accomplished at least one internship received an average of 1.17 job offers. In contrast, students who did not complete an internship received only 0.98 jobs on average. (Source: NACE 2019 Internship & Co-op Survey Report)

Okay, I know Internships are important, but where do I start?

Let’s start with a checklist of things you’ll need before you look for your internship:

  • Resume (reviewed by at least two family members or friends)

  • Cover Letter Template (great example), which you can customize for each application

  • A general idea of the field you’d like to intern in

Now that you have those things together let’s start looking. We are going to use multiple methods to look for an internship – this will give you the best chance of finding one.

  • Friends and family, do you have a connection in the field you hope to go into. Start there, connections are the best ways to find jobs and internships.

  • Companies you admire, have you always driven past a business in your town that you would just love to work at? Yes, email them! Let them know you are looking for an Internship, would they have anyway to accommodate that? Almost everyone has a contact email online these days.

  • Your college, from internships fairs to career counsellors - investigate the resources offered at your school or college

  • LinkedIn or Glassdoor, you can always find an internship online. Stay tuned for an upcoming blog on how to optimize your LinkedIn page!

By investing in an internship now, you’ll give yourself the broadest spectrum of opportunity when seeking and applying for a job after college!

Not looking for an internship?

Do you have an opportunity you could extended to a college student you know? Preparedness for the workplace is a group effort – let’s lend a hand to those working hard to prepare for their future careers by offering opportunities and mentorship!"

-Emily Fouche

Senior Content and Public Relations Specialist - Volvo

Are you looking for a post undergrad work experience or internship? For more information about our program or to apply click here!

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