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Half Way There and We're On Our Way

It’s getting close to that time of year again here at the Piedmont Fellows, end of first semester. This is a great time to reflect on the adventures we’ve had this year. The Fellows have enjoyed their time in the program so far, and have gotten some new experiences with the community here in the Piedmont Triad. Let's take a moment and see what this year has been like.


A monthly occurrence for the crew is socials, a time for the guys and gals to get to know one another, Fellows of previous cohorts who have stuck around, and our church community.

  • Every year we start off at the Kline's with our kickoff Pizza night. Our Pastor Nathan Kline and his wife Suzanne not only know how to feed people spiritually but they know how to fill a stomach with tasty homemade food! The pizza options range from traditional pepperoni to 'everything but the kitchen sink'. One thing we know for sure, no one leaves hungry on this night. This year we finished off with some homemade brownies and some great conversation.

  • Trivia Night at Natty Greene’s had an ambiance that was very charming. Between that, great food, and fun people what more could we ask? We put on our thinking caps and worked on solving those challenging trivia questions. The Fellows got to show off their sharp minds!

  • Game night at the Henson’s can't be competed with. David Henson, previous board member, always is willing to invite us into his home. the Henson's home is literally that, like coming home. We get to try tons of new board and card games (they have a closet full). This is a time when the Fellows really are starting to get to know each other and the other young adults in the community, sooooo its a great time to chat all together.

  • This last month, we went and participated in paintball! Yes, paintball. Some of the Fellows were terrified but it was a blast! Low impact guns so it didn't hurt very much (no bruises or welts :P). We did find out that one of our Fellows, Joston, is a natural at the game. We played alongside the Friendly Hills Youth Group and some other church members, maybe we should start a league???

Last year we tried axe throwing and learned that we really enjoyed it. Seems like trying new things has been a plus for our Fellows. We have been pleasantly surprised by what new socials we can do together. Socials are an excellent way to break from certain stresses in life. We want socializing and doing fun things to be a norm for the Fellows even after the program.

Readings/Professional Development:

During the year, the Fellows are required to read several books that will help them grow both spiritually and professionally.

  • Our two readings this fall are Spiritual Leadership by Oswald Sanders and Every Good Endeavour by Tim Keller both encourage the reader to seek and use God’s hand throughout their professional occupation.

  • Sanders teaches how to be a good spiritual leader in the workplace and gives examples and guidelines that give great insight on what that means for the Fellows. *This book will follow us into the spring.

  • While Keller reminds the reader that God gave us a purpose, and that purpose is to work to honor and glorify God. Along with these books, the Fellows also go into an in depth study on 1 John, which they discuss at family dinners.

Weekly Family Dinners:

Family dinners are held every week in the Fall. On most weeks, they meet at the Merritt’s house, but in the 1st week, they gather at a Church member’s house.

  • Dinners with church members encourage the Fellows to get to know more members of the Church and see how family worship works at each respective house.

  • At the Merritt’s house, they delve into 1 John and share their experiences of the week so far.

In the Spring, which is just around the corner, they’ll spread out their time between Church members’, Board Members’, and the Gatton's homes with a break in the last week of the month.

Coming Up:

There is more to come so don't get too comfortable yet!

  • This weekend we are headed to our Professional Development Summit in Greenville South Carolina. Don Barefoot will be leading a training. This time will be stretching professionally but also fun as we explore the Greenville area.

  • The Fellows are soon to head into Thanksgiving Break where they’ll get a few days off to go home and rest, then a few more weeks until Christmas break and the official end of Fall semester. This means that there will be the church Young Adults Friendsgiving and the annual church Potluck.

  • The Christmas party will play host to a newer tradition, The Honey Roast, where the fellows get the opportunity to speak love into each other’s life with the advantage of moderate anonymity. These events have really brought this class closer together as they got to laugh and learn new things with one another. We also have our yearly Dirty Santa where stealing gifts is not only allowed but encouraged. This is also a great time to let our volunteers know how much they have benefited the Fellows!

This year has only just started and we have lots more coming around the corner! So don't wind down yet, there are more adventures, growth, and development to be had! Keep checking in for more updates and information.

As we move into the Holiday Season, what are your traditions or plans?

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