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How Important Is Coffee To The Young Professional?

Isabella (Bella) McHenry, a fourth year Fellow has thrived not only during the fellows program but as she has worked on her career post program at Arch Mortgage in their Human Resources department. One thing Bella and many young professionals have something in common - their love for coffee. Here are a few thoughts from her about coffee and how it has impacted her as a young professional.

"In recent decades, the popularity of local coffee shops and specialty drinks has risen exponentially. Grabbing coffee has grown from just a daily jolt of caffeine to a way to socialize and even network with local professionals. I grew up in a coffee drinking household, and took that habit with me to college, where I spent many afternoons at one of the many local coffee shops near my school. I love the atmosphere of coffee shops, whether it be more cozy and home-like, or modern and industrial. Going out for coffee has grown into one of my favorite things to do, and I knew coming out of college that I didn’t want to lose that when I moved away.

When I came to Greensboro for the first time for Fellow’s Come & See weekend, one of the fellows and I bonded over enjoying coffee, and she offered to take me on a mini tour of the local coffee shops in the area. This experience ended up being one of my favorite memories from the trip, and made me feel like I could see myself living in Greensboro and being part of the Fellow’s community. As I prepared to move to Greensboro, I decided I wanted to try and visit every coffee shop in the Triad.

Now, looking back on the past year as a Fellows graduate, I still haven’t tried every coffee shop in the area, but I’ve definitely found some favorites, and have enjoyed exploring new places when I find the time. From visiting De Been in High Point (, Common Grounds in Greensboro, and Bobby Boy Bake Shop in Winston-Salem, I’ve had no problems finding new places to get coffee and enjoy time with friends new and old. In addition to being one of my favorite everyday adventures, my coffee shop escapades have also become a great talking point in networking and even interviews. Coffee is an easy thing to have in common with new people, and can lead to great conversation. I’m so grateful for the conversations I’ve had over coffee this past year, and I look forward to continuing my mission of trying every coffee shop in the Triad."

-Bella McHenry (Fourth Year Alumni)

Would you want to come join us for a cup of coffee here in the Triad? Reach out today to learn more about the program with Mike Gatton (Director), Amanda Martin (Assistant Director), or even a previous Fellow today!

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