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Market Time - More Than the Media Kind!

We are in the middle of the semi-annual International Furniture Market held in… High Point, NC. Twice each year the world comes to town for sharing, innovation, networking, and more. What is it that makes High Point the Furniture Capital of the World? Following WWII, 60% of America’s furniture was made in a 150-mile radius of High Point. With this reputation, furniture companies have gravitated to High Point as a place to establish their headquarters, model their latest designs in High Point showrooms, and gather to collaborate and spread their ideas. Today, approximately 150,000 visitors make the furniture pilgrimage each year. This is not only a major economic boom for High Point, this event is incredibly impactful for the region and state of NC as well. A 2019 study revealed the High Point Market Authority reported a $6.73 Billion annual economic impact. It remains the state’s largest event each year. To put this in perspective, a generous estimate of the economic impact of the Super Bowl, World Series, and NBA finals of all cities involved is $650 Million annual – less than 10% of the annual Furniture Market. You can experience more about the Furniture Market on a visit to High Point outside the event: check out the Home Furnishings Hall of Fame, visit the High Point Museum, see the world’s largest Chest of Drawers, or the largest Furniture Store in the world (a true destination spot). Come, be inspired, and learn more about North Carolina’s International City!

This is only one of the very important things that make our area unique and interesting. For more information about our program or to apply click here!

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