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Meet the Piedmont Fellows Director!

Updated: Oct 25

Meet the Piedmont Fellows Director!

Mike Gatton founded the Piedmont Fellows in 2017 after spending several years in college ministry. He realized a need for graduating seniors as they transitioned out of college and entered the marketplace. There was a growing trend for these budding young professionals who struggled to get plugged into a church, felt inadequate or overwhelmed once entering the workforce, and establishing personal disciplines that would help them thrive in all areas of life. His passion to see emerging leaders confidently follow Christ in the marketplace with the help of an intentional community that models this lifestyle.

His wife Madison Gatton and their two (soon to be three) kids Sophia and Brody have been a huge support not only to the program but to the Fellows each year. Madison has been a mentor to the young women who come through the program, a chef for different fellows trips, events coordinator, and a loving support to Mike through this process. Sophia (5), when asked how she has helped the Fellows grow said quote, "shoes."

Mike completed his Masters in Biblical Studies from Reformed Theological Seminary in Charlotte. He enjoys spending time with his family and discussing theology and sports. Golfing is one of those things that he would like to be able to do more often, but when he does, he makes up for it by taking a lot of swings ;) .

If you have questions about the program Mike is ready and willing to answer them!

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