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Read-wire Your Brain Or Let It Turn To Mush

"In Fellows programs across the nation, you see that there is something they all have in common, this requirement to participate in and finish a large amount of reading. You see the Social Media posts at the beginning of the year that point to the stack of books acquired by the incoming Fellows. There are even vast jokes about back issues after having to carry them. While books do make great weights to strengthen muscles or paperweights to keep the room fan from blowing your thoughts around. They also have a greater influence, which is a benefit not just for recent college graduates but for any individual in any stage of life. This benefit is one of rewiring. Yes...rewiring. Ironically we live in an age that is full of passive brain rewiring through social media, movies, music, etc. Those types of rewiring actually lead to short-term attention spans and an inability to cognitively deal with emotional strain. Which in return pushes you away from reading. However, according to Jessica Stillman in her article, "This Is How Reading Rewires Your Brain, According to Neuroscience", Jessica talks about the long-term and short-term effects that reading has on your brain. To sum up, readings' positive effects would be the ability to focus, understanding complex ideas, feel empathy, have greater memory, and become a greater intellectual overall. One of the key outcomes of the Piedmont Fellows is to help each Fellow become a lifelong learner. In order to achieve this, we assign daily Bible readings and weekly readings from selected books. Growing in a love for God's word, developing a consistent discipline of spending time with him, and making a habit of discussing Scripture with peers is foundational for spiritual growth. We supplement our Scripture reading with theology and professional development books to glean biblical insights from other believers. This reading diet helps our Fellows discover and strengthen personal convictions while establishing a strong foundation in God's word. As these things come together, we find the Fellows exercise more confidence in living out their faith in the marketplace and honoring Christ in their vocation. In addition, because our program is professional development focused we incorporate materials that help present ways of thinking that can integrate faith and vocation. Reading gives each individual the opportunity to wrestle with ideas and concepts until they find incongruities or blind spots in their thinking and or adopt a new paradigm. Some of the greatest minds have penned their arguments onto paper leaving behind a legacy and piece of their brain that we can then engage with. So, what have you read recently?"

-Amanda Martin (Assistant Director) Do you know someone who would be able to stand up to the test of reading and wants to join the program? For more information about our program or to apply click here!

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