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Starting Out Strong

I'll never forget the first day of my first professional job. I arrived on-site, sat down to work, and remember thinking, 'Now what am I supposed to do?' It can be an overwhelming and lonely feeling, but we're here for support and wisdom. As the Fellows begin their first days at work soon - here are a few tips to starting strong:

1) Write Things Down! - In his book, 48 Days to the Work You Love - Dan Miller suggests to write down the thoughts, feelings, and questions you have going into your first 2 weeks of work. This not only allows you to process what is happening with you, but equips you to help others and to be proactive for other newcomers throughout your career.

2) Prepare - Order in the Universe and Success in life share a commonality - they don't just happen. To help you focus on the proper things to prepare for on your first day, here's a useful article from Top Resume. If you prioritize a proper preparation, you will be able to enjoy your start to work, rather than feel overwhelmed.

3) Actively Listen and Observe - As much as we would all like to know what to expect out of the gate, there's a limitation to what you will know on the front end. Remember, you're not just working, you're working with people. There are relational and cultural dynamics to a workplace that are just as, if not more important than the work you've been hired for. Be ready to listen, have an open hand with your agenda, engage with your supervisor and coworkers as they try to help you feel welcome, and take note of the social queues in your setting.

4) Do What You're Supposed To: Your parents were right - show up on time, do your job with integrity, and you'll stand out. So often, employers have a difficult time just finding 'good' people. If you're reliable, you will prove to be a valuable member of any business or organization.

If you've taken the interest and time to read all the way to this point - you've got it in you. Now go bring home the bacon.

-Mike Gatton (Program Director)

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