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Would You Pass Through The Gate?

Why have people been returning to the Triad or moving to the area for the first time? The answer to this question is also tied to how people are divided by the ice breaker question of city, suburban, or country. This area provides a great blend for individuals at all stages of their life with a variety of preferences. We see that within about 15-20 minutes you can get to the suburbs, the country, and the amenities of a big city. There is something for everyone. The Triad is made up of three cities Greensboro, High Point, and Winston Salem. Each city has a unique history that is tied to bountiful activities that can keep not only tourists and locals busy for years to come.

Greensboro’s rich history as a Gate City has allowed it to be a highly diverse area in culture, food, and hobbies. It houses an international airport that has played a big part in immigration into the country and a connection for businesses to the rest of the nation. If you are wondering what all there is to do then check out Greensboro Life and Downtown Greensboro for ideas such as concerts, local pubs, and outdoor activities. Want to continue your education, check out UNC Greensboro which just opened its new science building.

High Point houses the worldwide furniture market. Yes, worldwide! Furniture companies come in to showcase their pieces from all over. Japan, Vietnam, France, and many, many more. Need a break from working in your office or home? Perfect, head on over to The Commons in Congdon yards to utilize their public business area. Congdon not only has eclectic seating options to fit your productivity preference but also has its own coffee shop so you can keep your energy high. UNC Greensboro isn’t the only option around here for higher education, High Point University has a variety of degrees and is rated the #1 in the Regional Colleges South. Beyond business and education, High Point also has its fair share of entertainment and small businesses that are fun to visit. All of which are featured on High Point Discovered, if you check out their website you might even find a piece about the Fellows program.

So why are these things so important to us at the Piedmont Fellows? Because we are all about becoming a fruitful, holistic, community and Christ-centric individuals. There is so much growth for these communities and the young professionals entering into these businesses where people can make an impact. As more young professionals move to this area they not only get to enjoy what these cities have to offer but they also get to help influence how they are molded for future generations.

So whether you’re thinking of joining the program or looking for a place to grow a family, this could be the place for you.

For more information about our program or to apply click here!

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