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You Would Never Think That Support Could Be So Beneficial! But It Is!

If you've got a gift and desire to serve, the Piedmont Fellows has a place for you. It has been amazing to see the variety of ways the community has rallied around and supported the program. So much of the program operates on the wisdom, generosity, and availability of amazing volunteers and partners. Here are a number of ways we see church and community members serve:


Mentors act as a sounding board for our Fellows throughout the program. Fellows meet with their mentors twice each month and help Fellows process aspects of the program, things going on in their personal life, and help encourage them with applying the gospel. We look for mature believers willing to speak the truth in love and to intentionally build a gospel-centered relationship with a Fellow.

Adopt-a-Fellow Families:

These folks act as a 'home away from home' for the Fellows. Each week a family will have a Fellow over for dinner and share a meal. It's a great opportunity to build a relationship with a Fellow, incorporate a Fellow into aspects of your family or dinner routine, and model a Christ-centered family life for a Fellow.

Faith and Vocation Speakers:

Each Friday, Fellows visit a business or community leader in the Triad. It's a fun excursion for the Fellows to see different workplaces, hear wisdom from a career, and be challenged with aspects of incorporating youth walk with the Lord in your career. Our speakers are usually willing to help with networking for the Fellows and will sometimes even provide lunch during our sessions!

Business Partners:

While the Fellows are here, they work part-time jobs in their career field. It's an entry-level professional job that allows Fellows to get relevant work experience and it also provides an incredibly valuable service to the employers. Each year we are in need of business partners who can network for and hire amazing emerging leaders.


As you may notice, there are many moving aspects to the program. Recruitment, Job Placement, Finding Pairings (mentors, families, etc.), and other moving parts depend on many things outside the program's control. We need folks who are willing to pray for the needs of the program. Ultimately, we need God to help us with the real success of this mission, for unless the Lord establishes the house, the laborer builds in vain.

Provide Meals / Host Fellows:

Every week Fellows have 'Family Dinner'. During this time Fellows share their stories, discuss Scripture, and really get to know one another. We need families to provide meals each week for this time. This takes much of the logistical and budgetary burden off the program as folks serve in this capacity.


Did you know that 1/4 of the program's budget operates on the financial support of individuals giving? Donors allow the program to provide a quality and transformative experience for the Fellows. If you would like to make a tax-deductible donation, you can do so through this link:

Please: 1) Select 'Give to Fellows Long Term Support or Give to Fellows General Support' 2) Select the frequency of the gift (monthly gifts help us plan for our annual budget) 3) Select giving method (we would request you give by Bank Deposit (as it helps us receive more of the donation without fees).

Other Ideas:

If you have any other ideas or ways you are interested in serving, we would love your help! If you have gifts in videography or photography, a vacation or retreat home, or access to a potential fun social outing or experience, we would love to talk with you. There are MANY ways to help us advance the mission of investing in the lives of these young professionals so that the gospel will reverberate throughout their lives and careers.

Thank You:

The only way that we have been able to operate these previous years has been the Lord's provision through supporters and partners. We are blessed with so many amazing donors, mentors, adopt-a-Fellow families, and business partners who are actively serving now. If I were to list all the people who have contributed along the way, it would exceed the length of this post. We have been the recipient of amazing blessings which have reinforced the work the Lord is doing through the Piedmont Fellows. Thank you to all who have sacrificially invested into the lives of these emerging leaders and we are grateful to be partners with you!

-Mike Gatton (Piedmont Fellows Director)

For more information about our program or to apply click here!

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